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Organic food in premium quality

NATURATA has always stood for the best quality and unique taste. Its wide product range offers the right products for everyone and it has been impressing both young and old since 1976.

With its many products, NATURATA is one of the biggest suppliers of Demeter foods. NATURATA has stood for biodynamic products right from the outset and continues to do so.


Happy new year!

Have you invited guests on New Year’s Eve and already planed the menu? Or are you still unsure what to cook?
What do you think about a tasty soup together with a crispy bread? It’s perfect for a New Year’s Eve party in a comfortable ambience as you can prepare it easily without a big effort. So you can celebrate with your guests instead of being in the kitchen.
Pretty hearty and absolutely suitable for a long night is a traditional midnight soup for example. Whatever you will offer - a solid traditional midnight soup or an exotic hot Chili con carne - with the NATURATA vegetable stocks you will prepare it very fast and easily.

By the way: All NATURATA stocks are free from gluten, lactose, palm oil, flavor enhancers and unnecessary additives like stabilizers and binding agents. As they are purely plant based they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
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